Jennifer is an advanced ortho-bionomy®* practitioner, a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, reflexologist, and yoga teacher.  She offers ortho-bionomy® (OB) and manual lymphatic drainage—effective healing modalities without the use of force.  Her movement therapy, on-line healing sessions, and self-care yoga workshops support her commitment to help individuals end pain and restriction to achieve a fully engaging, enjoyable life. 

Becoming a health professional was not Jennifer’s obvious career choice. She holds a BA in economics from Howard University, and master degrees in early childhood education from the Bank Street College of Education and in fiction writing from Brooklyn College.  She is a 1998 recipient of a New York Foundation of the Arts award. 

Three years into a teaching career, Jennifer was threatened by the pre-term birth of her third child and was medically forced to stop working.  This was her first wake up call to the importance of self-care.  However, when she decided on becoming a full-time home-maker, like many, she soon fell into a pattern of putting care-giving above self-care.

The realization that self-care is imperative for the caregiver finally came when Jennifer attended her first yoga class in the late 90s.  She was supporting a friend who was seeking healing through yoga.  “Heal your own self first,” the teacher said. “Maybe then you can help another.”  “What healing do I need?”  That inquiry initiated an explosive lifestyle change and a new career.  

In 2001, Jennifer earned her first 200 hours as a certified yoga teacher, completing several hundred hours more of study over the years to include certification as a let your yoga dance instructor and yogastrologer©.  She studied various healing modalities extensively.   

When Jennifer was introduced to Ortho-Bionomy® in 2005, she began to perceive unity in the differing healing modalities that she was studying.  OB’s approach synchronizes with the yogic principles which she embraces and strives to convey in both her personal relationships and with clients—not forcing, not harming, being playful, open, and attentive, accepting, not judging, and forgiving.   

She has spent time living with, and studying how traditional cultures achieved longevity—macrobiotic principles at the Kushi Institute, a Japanese model, and the principles of ayurveda, India’s natural medicine, at the Gujurat Ayurved University, apprenticing at the Amiya Ayurvedic Clinic in Kerala, India. Jennifer regularly retreats to Nature for inspiration and replenishment. Self-care is a core theme of her practice and teaching.

*Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission