What is the difference between deep work and deep tissue work?

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Why do I need to fill out an intake form?

This helps us assess, evaluate, and decide on an appropriate protocol. It also allows us
to avoid areas or techniques that are contraindicated. For Personal Training, an exercise
assessment is also done. This provides a baseline to individualize and chart your progress. It's
a good idea to arrive a few minutes early before your first session to complete the form.


Do I need my doctor's permission?

Generally no, however, in cases of serious injury or illness, we may need to consult with your
doctor for guidelines.


What do I wear?

In general, it's best to wear loose, comfortable clothes of natural fibers when receiving body
work. This is true for shiatsu, reflexology, and Ortho-Bionomy, which are done fully clothed.
For yoga, form fitting clothing works better. Support sneakers are important for gym exercises.
For massage, undress as you feel comfortable. Proper draping ensures your privacy.


How long after eating should I wait before my session?

It's best to wait at least one and a half hours before receiving bodywork or doing exercise.


Will I feel pain during or after my session?

Pain is the body's alarm signal that something is wrong. Whatever you choose, our approach
is highly effective, non-invasive, without the use of force. It is normal, however, that when the
body is reorganizing, you may feel some discomfort or soreness. This should not last more than
two to three days.


What is the difference between deep work and deep tissue work?

Deep tissue work refers to techniques such as stripping, friction, trigger point therapy, and
others. They operate by external manipulation of the tissue structures to affect change.
The deep work of Ortho-Bionomy, for example, does not. Rather, change occurs from the
inside out, by accessing the body's natural reflexes of the nervous system to correct itself.
Reflexology also operates through a system of reflexes, though it is not the same.


How long will it take for me to see results?

The time will vary for each individual and according to their situation. Some shifts will occur
instantly, but others will occur over time due to our habitual patterns of movement, exercise,
sleep, work, and play, which require awareness and re-education to fully resolve. In general,
for bodywork it takes one to three sessions to observe a difference, four to six for yoga and


Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time.


Do I have to leave a tip?

Tips are not required